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One of the most common questions we field at Prime Golf Parts is: “I want to customize my golf cart. What do you recommend?” We get it: your cart is your ride, whether it’s around the course, around the park, or even around your neighborhood. So with that in mind, we want to make sure your customized golf cart matches your personality, sense of style, and is the envy of everyone who sees you riding it. That’s where Prime Golf parts and accessories come in: helping you turn your cart from stock standard to stylish and souped-up!

With a variety of golf cart parts available, where do you start? Don’t worry if you feel overwhelmed, because we have you covered with a list of suggestions right here. Custom golf cart wheels and tires are the best place to start. After all, your cart is always on its wheels, right? All of the best customized golf carts are built from the ground up.

Here are some of our best golf cart wheel and tire combos to help get your custom masterpiece off to the right start. These include a variety of street tires, smooth riders, and mud tires for those times you want to go off-road. Golf cart tires are versatile enough to fit any preference, so you’re sure to find something to like!

Does Size Matter?

When it comes to your golf cart, tire size is an important consideration. Check the size of your tires to make sure that the ones you’re ordering are a good fit for your brand of vehicle. Another important factor to consider is the terrain where you will be driving. Are you mostly driving on streets, on pathways, or will you be using your cart on natural terrain? Do you plan to take your golf cart off-road? Golf cart tires come in different models and types, so be sure to know what you’re looking for before you buy. No matter what brand of golf cart, tire size is just one of the many things to consider when looking to create your ultimate customized ride.

Wheel and Tire Combos

When you’re looking at custom golf cart wheels and tires, combo sets are a great way to save money and hassle, as they come pre-assembled and ready to get you off and rolling. The tire and wheel assemblies are mounted before shipping, so they come to you ready to install—and most of them do not require a lift kit, so you can order without worry!

Speaking of worry-free ordering, with our price match guarantee, you won’t find a lower price anywhere. If you do, we’ll match it! One more reason why you can trust Prime Golf: parts and accessories at the best deals anywhere & anytime!

Read on to find some of the best combos for your cart so you can hit the streets or the course in style.

MadJax Flow Form Evolution with GTW Fusion GTR Street Tires

Why save one of the best for last? We’re starting off with a bang! The MadJax Flow Form Evolution wheels, in matte black, with GTW Fusion GTR street tires are the ultimate golf cart wheel and tire combo. The inner wheel is produced with MadJax’s Flow Form technology for a lighter, stronger wheel and that ultra-slick matte black finish. These wheels sport the MadJax center caps and a standard 4 on 4 hole/lug pattern for maximum versatility.

This set looks incredible and it will make your ride feel incredible, too. Don’t just be the envy of the course; be the reason your competition asks “How can I customize my golf cart like that?” as you drive by.

GTW Vampire 12” Wheel with 22” Sahara Classic A/T Tires

The Vampire doesn’t just want to cast a spell on your opponents: it wants to look good while doing so! Being one of the most stylish wheels ever created, this GTW masterpiece has a uniquely dangerous and daring look. To top it off, it’s mounted with a Sahara Classic A/T tire for versatility and appeal that you can’t find in any other golf cart upgrades. Hit the course no matter what kind of path you’re gonna ride and don’t forget the most important of golf cart accessories: the cape!

12” Storm Trooper Wheels with 23” Predator A/T Tires

The other players can hear that infamous marching music now. When you roll into the course with the Storm Trooper wheels, you’re making a statement. The stern yet elegant design just exudes presence. These are more than just custom golf cart wheels and tires: these are a tour de force of wheel design. The black and machined finish is impressive, and the all-terrain Predator tires give you the ability to roll onto any golf course, even one far, far away….

14” GTW Specter Wheels with 18” Fusion DOT Street Tires

Like their namesake, these Specter wheels help your cart glide gracefully over the courses and down your street, making for a supernaturally smooth ride that anyone could appreciate. Equipped with 18” Fusion DOT street tires, this combo of high-performance golf cart parts is just what you need to enjoy an easy ride all day long.

10” GTW Medusa Silver/Machined Wheels with Fusion Street Tires

The silver sheen on the Medusa wheels is the perfect accent for your golf cart upgrades. It’s beautiful and brilliant, with a sleek and elegant design that looks good on any cart style, pairing well with any other golf cart accessories. The Medusas bring out the best in your cart’s design, and paired with a great all-around tire in the Fusion street tire, you’re guaranteed to cruise the course in comfort, rain or shine.

There’s No Golfing Like Prime Golfing

With fast and free shipping on orders over $99, as well as the best selection of golf cart wheels, tires, body kits, and other upgrades, Prime Golf is where to turn when you want to step up your game. Who says you can’t have form and function? With Prime Golf parts and accessories, you can rock a style that suits you while remaining confident that you’ve got the best gear on your cart to be found anywhere.

If you have any questions, we’re always here to help! Tell us what you’re looking for and we’ll make sure that we find the right fit for you every time. That’s golfing in your prime.

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