Customize your Golf Cart with these Top-10 DoubleTake Accessories from Prime Golf Parts

Whether you’re bringing your own cart to the course or you’re taking it for a spin around your neighborhood, customized golf carts are more than just a matter of parts: it’s about style. It’s about performance. The right golf cart parts can turn your vehicle into a machine worthy of envy, but you may want to consider going a step further with your golf cart. Accessories can range from quality of life enhancements like wheels and covers to full-body golf cart upgrades.

If you’re like the many people who ask us “what’s the best way to customize my golf cart?”, then take a look at the DoubleTake golf cart accessories and gear we cover below. Prime Golf parts and accessories are the highest-quality hardware you’ll put into your golf cart; upgrades should be upgrades! If you’re going to spend your time and money on customized golf carts, you should feel like the investment is worth it!

Whether you’re working on a Yamaha, an EZGo, or a Club Car brand golf cart, DoubleTake golf cart parts are what we trust most at Prime Golf. Parts and accessories like these may not cost a million bucks, but they’ll sure make your ride look like it! Own your look. It’s not just knowing how to customize any golf cart. It’s “how to customize my golf cart,” and the best way is to make everyone else do a DoubleTake.

Kitted Out

As an alternative to wraps, consider EZGO, Club Car, and Yamaha golf cart body kits. They’re rough, they’re tough, and they come with a variety of features, as described below. Each has an array of possible colors and customizations, so you can always make your ride as unique as you are—whatever kind of club you’re using, you’re the driver! From grill to lights, from Club Car to Yamaha, golf cart body kits are an excellent choice for expressing yourself around the course, the park, and your neighborhood.

DoubleTake Phoenix Body Kits

Golf cart body kits bring everything together. Give your cart some style and some added protection all in one. Nothing brings your custom cart roaring from the ashes like a Phoenix; available in both a Club Car body kit and an EZGO body kit style, the Phoenix is sleek and comes with multiple color options to suit you.

The Phoenix Club Car body kit fits the Precedent model, giving it new life as a Phoenix. For the EZGO body kit, the Phoenix suits the RXV and TXT models, so you have a range of options to suit your needs.

DoubleTake Titan EZGO TXT Body Kit

The Titan EZGO Body Kit is especially designed for the EZGO TXT model cart. This incredible build gives your cart the strength of the Titan body with all the options you could ever want. The full kit comes with struts, cowl for the front and rear, windshield, grill, and light kits for a complete overhaul of your ride. With a variety of color and style options available for your EZGO Body Kit, your golf cart makeover is just around the corner.

DoubleTake Club Car Precedent Phantom Body Kit

When it comes to golf cart body kits, DoubleTake sets a new Precedent. The Phantom kit exists to give your Club Car Precedent model a new lease on life with a complete set of struts, cowls, windshield, grill, and lights. Sleek and stylish in an array of colors, the Phantom is one of our most popular golf cart upgrades due to its durability and appealing look. If you’re looking to turn your Precedent into a truly sweet ride, look no further than the Phantom body kit!

DoubleTake Club Car DS Spartan Body Kit

Club Car rides are some of the most comfortable out there, and the Spartan is anything but minimalist. Sometimes, though, you want to step it up, and that’s where the DoubleTake Spartan body kit comes in: giving your cart that heavy duty powerhouse design. This complete kit includes everything you need, from windshield to grill, lights, struts and cowls, and it comes in multiple colors. Want to hit that course like a warrior? Get yourself a Spartan!

Windshield Upgrades

Windshields are a vital part of your golf cart, and not always the first place you’d consider upgrades. However, a strong DoubleTake windshield for your Club Car, EZGO, and Yamaha golf carts is a fantastic choice for its ease of installation, thanks to its magnetic catch and durability. If you’re driving around your local course, you never know when an errant ball could crack your entire windshield. The DoubleTake windshield is impact-resistant and fold-down, so that you can put it down when you want to just enjoy the breeze. Like otherDoubleTake golf cart accessories, these pieces are crafted for the highest quality and performance on the market.

Street legal, sleek, and sporting UV protection to prevent the yellowing and cracking that is so common to stock windshields, these DoubleTake windshields are the second-best thing you can put in front of your cart—next to a golf course!

Note that if you also have one of the DoubleTake body kits listed above, you will need the windshield specially designed to fit with those body kit designs.

DoubleTake Sentry Storage Dash

The DoubleTake Sentry Storage Dash is the best way to store all your favorite golf cart accessories—like some cold drinks and snacks! You can also store your gear in the locking storage console, keeping your stuff safe while giving you extra room to carry the necessities.

The Sentry Storage Dash is available in either black or sand base colors, and each option has a variety of accent colors so that you can always find the right style for your tastes. A dash kit like the Sentry is exactly how to customize a golf cart for both form and function.

DoubleTake Pilot Steering Wheel

Giving you more control over your cart, the DoubleTake Pilot Steering Wheel is built for EZGO, Club Car, and Yamaha golf carts. These accessories are available in a wide variety of colors to suit your needs, and can come with an optional stainless steel steering column cover. The built-in wiring works with DoubleTake brand light kits, giving you the ultimate control.

Take a Seat

DoubleTake brand golf cart seats include some of the most comfortable cushions on the market, as well as matching front seat covers. The different styles of brands include Yamaha golf cart seats, EZGO seats, Club Car seats, and more. Take a load off with some of these cushioned, comfy seats so that you can drive all day without worrying about soreness later!

DoubleTake MAX 6 Helix Rear Seat Kit

These deluxe golf cart seats come with different styles of cushions, each designed to match a particular need. You never need to sacrifice comfort for style with the MAX 6 Helix sets, which give you a perfectly customized set of seats for your cart. The rust-free aluminum and plastic design holds up, even on rainy days, no matter how much you enjoy taking your cart out for a spin. With options like drop-in soft cargo containers, cup holders, and more, the MAX 6 series is flexible enough to meet all your cart needs.

These seats accommodate Club Car, EZGO, Yamaha, and Star carts in the following styles:

  • Deluxe Extreme cushions for maximum padding on your posterior; available in all major body styles, such as Deluxe Extreme Club Car seats
  • Deluxe Tropical cushions come in bright colors to evoke those gorgeous tropical courses and use marine-grade vinyl; they make great Yamaha golf cart seats
  • Deluxe Veranda cushions are soft and offer a refined leather texture that is perfect for cart cruising in style; try them for your EZGO seats
  • Try other styles, including the Deluxe Clubhouse style cushions, with their simple designs and perforated vinyl offering a mix between performance and comfort

Reinventing the Wheel

Golf cart wheels need as much love as the rest of the cart; they’re what you’re cruising on all day, after all! The DoubleTake Deluxe Wheels include lugnuts and come in chrome, satin black, or machined black to fit in with any of your style choices for the other golf cart parts. Made of rust-free aluminum, you can even add a splash of color with the Wicked Inserts. They’re rugged enough to last no matter how often you use them, so no matter your brand or body style, get out there and get those golf cart wheels turning!

DoubleTake Has You Covered

With a variety of tops and enclosures, each specially designed for specific body kit styles, cart models, or features, DoubleTake has everything you need in your golf cart covers. The DoubleTake 6 passenger enclosure for a 118” roof top is made of high-quality, marine grade acrylic to keep your passengers dry and comfortable, come rain or shine! It also comes in a 2 passenger enclosure for smaller tops, so whatever model you choose, you have great options for golf cart covers.

Whether you have a limo top, extended top, or short top, we have scratch-resistant, thermoformed plastic covers that won’t chip or flake and come in a variety of vibrant colors. Keep your head in shade, but keep your cart cruising in style!

Stay In Your Prime

Prime Golf has all the top brands for your carts, whether you need body kits, seats, or top-tier DoubleTake golf cart accessories. They’re the best on the market, both in terms of performance and making your cart the envy of everyone else in town. You can be heading out on your favorite local golf course, driving around the park, or cruising the neighborhood, and your DoubleTake-enhanced cart will set a new par for performance.

With our fast shipping (free on orders over $99) and price match guarantee, we promise you’re getting the best deals on the best gear.

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