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Club Car Electric Resistor Mount Bracket (Years 1976-1987)

SKU: 781
Resistor mounting bracket. For Club Car electric 1976-87. Make Model Year Power: CLUB CAR DS ELECTRIC (1976 – 1987) OEM

Club Car DS Electric Brake Cable Extension Bracket (Years 1988 – Up)

SKU: CBL-102 / 28000
Adds length to cable needed for lifted carts. Extension bracket for fixing braking problems caused by stretched brake cables on

EZGO Electric 6-Gauge 3rd Speed Resistor (Years 1970 – 1985)

SKU: 2653
Third speed resistor. Six gauge. For E-Z-GO electric 1970-85. OEM Manufacturer & Part Number11877-G1 EZ 11879-G1 EZ 11877G1 EZ 11879G1

Jakes EZGO Disc Brake Kit For ST Express Models with Factory Lift Kit

SKU: 7295
Specifications: Fits EZGO Express vehicles with factory lift and newer style 4 bolt steering Hydraulic brake system for front wheels

Jake’s Black Yamaha Brush Guard (Models G14-G21)

SKU: 29077
Jake’s front brush guard, (Black). Complete with hardware and all the tubes needed for the off-road look and feel. For

Jake’s Black EZGO TXT Rear Bumper (Years 1994-2013)

SKU: 6284
Jake’s rear bumper, black tubular steel powder coat for that custom look. For E-Z-GO G&E 1994-up Make Model Year Power: 

EZGO Electric 7-Gauge 2nd Speed Resistor (Years 1970 – 1985)

SKU: 2652
Second speed resistor. Seven gauge. For E-Z-GO electric 1970-85. OEM Manufacturer & Part Number 11879G2 EZ 11879-G2 EZ

EZGO Electric 9-Gauge 1st Speed Resistor (Years 1970 – 1985)

SKU: 2651
First speed resistor. Nine gauge. For E-Z-GO electric 1970-85. OEM Manufacturer & Part Number; 11879-G3 EZ 11879G3 EZ    

Club Car 1st Speed Resistor (Years 1976 – 1988)

SKU: 2664
First speed resistor, 9 gauge. For Club Car electric 1976-88. OEM Manufacturer & Part Number 1010215 CC 8325 CC 8978

Jake’s Club Car DS Wheelbase Extension Kit (Years 1997-Up)

SKU: SPN-0034 / 7260
Jake’s wheel offset plate. Moves the wheel 2″ forward to create more room for 12″ or larger tires. For Club

Jake’s Club Car Precedent 4″ Double A-arm Lift Kit (Years 2004-Up)

SKU: 7466
Jake’s double A-arm lift kit (4″ lift). Club Car G&E Precedent. Recommended Tire Size: Up to 23″ OD (Requires 7260

Jake’s Yamaha 7″ Double A-arm Lift Kit (Models G8/G11/G14/G16/G19)

SKU: 7408
Lift kit, Jake’s 7″ Double A-arm. For Yamaha G8,11,14,16,19 Recommended Tire Size: Up to 25″ OD

Jake’s Long Arm Travel Lift Kit for EZGO TXT/T48 Electric (Years 2013.5 – Up)

SKU: 16-6239
Jake’s Long Arm Travel Kit offers a reliable A-Arm style suspension lift that features adjustable coil-overs to allow for tailored

Jake’s EZGO TXT Electric 6″ Spindle Lift Kit (Years 2013.5 – Up)

SKU: 7515
Features: Fits 2013.5-Up E-Z-GO T48 electric models Cast from ductile iron, 3X stronger than gray iron which gives superior strength

Spring Plate, Sqtube 5/98-00(10)

SKU: 10194
Spring retaining plate for square axle weldment. For E-Z-GO G&E May 1998-00 OEM Manufacturer & Part Number: 70540-G02P EZ 70540-G02

Club Car Precedent Lo-Pro Front Clearance Lift Kit

SKU: 95560 / SPN-0035
5/8″ X 2″ Machined Aluminum clearance lift Adds 3/4″ lift to front end Features: Fits Club Car Precedent 04-Up only

Jake’s Replacement Disc Brake Rotor (Universal Fit)

SKU: 7257D
Jake’s disc brake rotor. Make Model Year Power: UNIVERSAL UNIVERSAL BOTH (Gas & Electric) Universal – Universal  

Shock Extensions, 3-Inch set of 2 (Universal)

SKU: SPN-0020 / 6226
EXTENSIONS, SHOCK; 3 INCH KITS (2 PACK) Make Model Year Power: UNIVERSAL UNIVERSAL BOTH (Gas & Electric) Universal Universal OEM

Jake’s EZGO RXV Electric Brake Kit W/ Spindle Lift (Years 2008-Up)

SKU: 7500
Jake’s hydraulic front brake kit for lifted EZGO RXV Electric models lifted with a Jake’s spindle lift kit. **THIS KIT

Jake’s™ Club Car Precedent Hydraulic Front Disc Brake Kit (Years 2004 – 2008.5)

SKU: 7252
Jake’s™ hydraulic brake system for front wheels only. Increases stopping power 3X for your speed-modified car. This kit is for

Jake’s EZGO RXV Gas Long Travel Kit (Years 2008- Yamaha Lifted Hydraulic Brakes W/ Long Travel Kit (Models G22)

SKU: 7282
Hydraulic brake system for front wheels only. Increases stopping power 3X, for your speed-modified car. Includes pre-charged hydraulic components, rotors,

Jake’s EZGO RXV Electric Long Travel Kit (Years 2008-2013)

SKU: 7496
Features: Fits EZGO RXV 2008-2013 Electric models with metal dust covers on the front hubs. Independent front suspension, adjustable height

Yamaha Secondary Sheave Puller (Models G2-G22)

SKU: 6257 / CP-0034
Jake’s secondary sheave puller. For Yamaha Make Model Year Power: YAMAHA G11 GAS (1993 – 2001) YAMAHA G14 GAS (1995

Jake’s Yamaha Power Spring Kit (Models G29/Drive)

SKU: 6222
Spring and spacer. These components are used to modify the existing secondary clutch for better performance. For Yamaha gas 2007-up

Jake’s Yamaha Power Kit – Spring & Spacer Only (Models G14-G22)

SKU: CP-0100K / 6261
Jake’s spring and spacers only. These components are used to modify existing secondary clutch for better performance. Includes heavy spring

Jake’s Yamaha Full Power Kit (Models G14-G22)

SKU: 6256
Jake’s power kit complete with inner clutch. Includes machined secondary sliding sheave heavy spring and shaft spacer. For Yamaha gas

Yamaha Heavy Duty Rear Coil Spring (Models G14 – G29 Drive)

SKU: 6280 / SPN-0201
Jake’s heavy-duty rear coil springs provide extra rear-end support for heavy accessories such as rear seats, and cargo boxes. Heavy-duty

EZGO Medalist / TXT Axle Weldment (Years 1994-2000)

SKU: AXL-0002 / 290
Four wheel front axle weldment. For EZGO G&E 1994-2000 Make Model Year Power : EZGO TXT BOTH (Gas & Electric) 

Jake’s Yamaha Drive2 Heavy Duty Spring Set (Years 2017-Up)

SKU: 96280
Designed for 4-passenger applications and lifted golf cars. Reduces rear spring sag, and improves roll resistance without being too stiff,

Yamaha Heavy Duty Shock Set (Models G2/G8/G9 & Drive2 Electric)

SKU: 7251
Jake’s heavy duty coils on new shocks (Pair) These are a must for carts with rear seats or cargo boxes

Jakes EZGO RXV Electric 3″ Spindle Lift Kit 2014-2021

SKU: 7504
American craftsmanship at its finest! Jake’s is the #1 manufacturer of lift kits, brake kits and performance accessories on the

Mounting Bracket

SKU: 13815
Mounting bracket for #13811,13812 fan. Make Model Year Power : UNIVERSAL BOTH (Gas & Electric) Universal  

Jake’s Set Of (2) Black Grab Handle Set (Universal Fit)

SKU: 53206
These new grab handles are fully functional and make getting in and out of your cart easier. Universal design will

Yamaha Jake’s Sport Shifter (Models G14-G22)

SKU: 7281
Jake’s sport shifter. For Yamaha gas G14-G22 Make Model Year Power: YAMAHA G14 GAS (1995 – 1996) YAMAHA G16 GAS